Kramer FR404SN

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Kramer FR404SN

Post by gtr1963 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:36 pm

_xxx_ wrote:IMO it's worth it if you don't mind that it's nothing like a "real" Kramer bare the logo - the neck shape and also the tone is quite different (but ok). That price sounds fair to me if the pups are upgraded. Should be a good player and better investment than any Focus from a player's POV, again IMO.

I got a 2001 yo 404fr s/n . While I loved the guitar body, thin neck, the hardware, pickups suck. I dropped in dimarzios, a real OFR, had frets leveled, dressed and it's now my main guitar. I've used it on 3 albums and it hasn't let me down yet..

Not the best quality build, so don't sink a ton of $ into it, but it's the best player I've had.. and I've been at it 35 yrs

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