My Garage/workshop build thread.

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Re: My Garage/workshop build thread.

Post by PacerMedic » Tue Mar 14, 2023 7:05 am

Very nice! I envy those skills. I'd like to do something similar, more cave-oriented, but we definitely have a similar flair for design.
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Re: My Garage/workshop build thread.

Post by Kramerman65 » Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:50 pm

Damn fine work Joe, really beautiful with the cedar shakes. Looks like it's gonna be a great shop.
They're never big enough... mine is 28x40 single story and I've been out of room since day one.
I plan to add another 14' to store my boat. Some permitting held me up in 2019 when I thought I would do it.
Crazy the shit I have to get to dig. I live a 1/2 mile from a Lake and they want a water impact study. That just pissed me off because there's farm ground directly adjacent to the South side of the lake that they spread manure on all winter long. Yeah me digging 3' down to pour a grade beam is gonna make a fuckin' difference? But that is the BS. Then covid hit and everything went sky high price wise.
The original excavation, grade beam, concrete and block work was $4400 in 2019, permitting and water impact study another $1k.
Last quote I got last spring was $10k for the same job.
I'm in no way a concrete guy and this isn't something I'm comfortable doing and screw it up.
Maybe someday.....

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