How my mind works....

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Re: How my mind works....

Post by RatDog8o8 » Sun Feb 25, 2024 10:52 am

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I was in the local guitar shop recently and overheard a conversation between a couple of other customers....

(Customer 1) "My girlfriend gathered all her outstanding bills together the other day and set them on fire in the BBQ pit."

(Customer 2) "What did you say her name is? I forget."

(Customer 1) "Bernadette."

My entire childhood was filled with lies. A roadrunner's top speed is only 20 MPH, while a coyote can reach speeds of up to 45 MPH.

It's widely circulated that cows are bad for the environment. All they do is eat plants and pass gas.

Kinda like Vegans.

Reading a steamy novel in bed the other night, the guy grew excited when he read the following....hoping there would be a "good part" coming:
"She gently slid her panties to one side..."

His mood was deflated when he continued reading:
" the rest of her socks would fit in the drawer."

Watching a show last night called "NASA's Unexplained Files", and right before a commercial break the narrator intones "Scientists have located the most Earth-like object in the Solar System".

My first thought sh*t, Sherlock.....we're living on it!

They were talking about Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Perhaps they meant "most Earth-like after our own planet.

Don't forget, we have an extra shopping day this year....
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by RatDog8o8 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 5:38 pm

Fine. Whatever. Here's how my mind works a lot of the time, aside from the other crap that bounces around in there.

Back in 2010, I went through the cancer thing. Lived my life relatively "normally"....not a health-nut, but not a slug, either...and bang, guess what?. Yay me, right? Meh.

So, I've got another one of my bi-monthly-ish hospital visits coming up on the 4th of March. Usual thing, been doing them for a while now. Yesterday, went for the H & P (History & Physical) at my doctor's office. No biggie there, either. Got a call today to tell me that everything was "normal"......

....except for some indicator in my blood that has to do with the cancer I had. Apparently it's ever so slightly elevated. Oh, yippee frickin' I don't have enough to worry about? Kiss my :cen a$$ ..... :cen me runnin'.....dammit.....(insert your own frustration-related expletive here).

:cen :cen :cen -ity :cen

On the "bright side"....if there is one....just last week, the other half and I got our "final address" bought & paid for, complete with cute little cards to carry around that tell whoever finds my remains to contact these people for proper disposal. :cen :cen :cen -ity :cen some more.

Externally helical-threaded fastener it. They'll check it in a couple of months (next H & P) to see where it's risen to, and go from there. But right, at the's like a switch has been shut off inside.

Back in 2010, they (a lot of people) kept saying "There's a reason He kept you here"....which was fine, I'm OK with people believing whatever they choose. I'm more of a "middle of the roader"...don't fervently believe; but don't deny the possibility, either. So, OK fine....whatever this "reason" is........

........I'm willing to bet it's not so I can have the dubious pleasure of going through it all over again.

But of course, the way my luck runs.....sure, why not. Whatever.

I. Don't. Care.
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by Kramers » Mon Apr 01, 2024 7:53 pm

Just saw this Bill. Was wondering where you were and pulled up your last post since your pm's are disabled again.

Really sorry to hear about your bloodwork. I want to say keep the faith, but you gotta have it first I realize. I'm not THAT dumb... well, maybe.

Check out my thread on Near Death Experiences in the Korrupt Korner if you feel. I swear if you watch like 20 of them, the picture they paint is rather comforting. While I certainly hope that you're blessed with many more years, seems most of these people would rather not come back. The party is too good on the other side.

It's not easy to believe, I know, but neither is believing that we're just meaningless bits pseudo-animated clay that arose from brown soup and lightening storms post-big bang theory. There's a reason your soul feels as such. Dirt does not feel the same.

Hope you're able to find some comfort somehow and many more years, if not simply beating this is outright. Hang in there brother!
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by marsmountain » Mon Apr 01, 2024 9:17 pm

I’m keeping you in my prayers Bill.

I hope you are doing well.
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by SWANTECH » Tue Apr 02, 2024 1:54 am

Bill. I wish you the best. Fight the good fight.
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by Dirty D » Tue Apr 02, 2024 10:26 pm

Hoping that your blood work comes back with encouraging results.
Very sorry to hear that you are facing the possibility of needing to fight another life-or-death battle.

My old man died from glioblastoma when I was a kid - nobody beats that one. He instilled his love of music in me, thus he still lives.
On the other hand, my mother-in-law now late 70s has beaten throat cancer once and breast cancer twice - that's a tough old bird, although you'd never suspect it by looking at her.

Of course those people are not you and have no bearing on your circumstance, and everyone who walks through that fire faces their own fight, but I offer my MIL's story in the spirit of hope and encouragement.
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Re: How my mind works....

Post by Hunter008 » Wed Apr 03, 2024 7:37 am

Wishing you the best as well. I hope things get better for you. The man upstairs does exist. May he be with you now!!!
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