Kramer Fail

Discussions about Kramer guitars that have been ruined thru the ages.
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Kramer Fail

Post by sixstring » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:17 pm

But let's face it, someone buys a Kramer b/c it has a Floyd.

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Kramer Fail

Post by menace » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:42 pm

Two thoughts......

1. The head stock looks better than the abortion we have been discussing in the other thread.

2. With that logo on the back- anyone want to get a pool together on how long it will take for EVH's lawyers to blast this off eBay?? dielaughing
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Kramer Fail

Post by KickstartMyHeart » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:46 am

Quality Guarantee:
We have professional QC team to ensure high quality products and correct packing in each shipment. We are sure that our musical instruments have accurate tone, attractive sound, smooth performance and graceful appearance. Besides, we are guitar manufacturer in China, and we have our guitar factory and guitar technicians, each guitar will be checked and tested before shipping, so we will offer you guitars good in quality but low in price, I do think you will get a satisfied guitar from me.
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Kramer Fail

Post by kramerknut » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:57 pm

Can't go wrong with their strong position on quality.
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