WTB: Shopping list for "American" parts build.

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WTB: Shopping list for "American" parts build.

Post by Kramerjunkie » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:22 pm

Hey all-

I'm finally getting around to the build I always wanted to do- but I need a ton of stuff, & fleabay is suckin... The core of the build is a descending logo pointy claw neck.

I'm undecided on the body at this point, but I definately need to see what's available. As for everything else I'm after fire sale leftovers, other NOS parts, or A- or better used stuff. Here's the shopping list so far:

*Black schaller OFR complete with R2 nut, springs, etc. Insert posts prefered (unless that was only a repair/upgrade item?).

*Black neck plate- **Blank preferred, or a minty F series will do. Need it with screws.

*PC-1, PC-2, Tele (SC Series?), or any other American series bodies other than pick guard (Pacer deluxe?) models or Berettas.

*Black TB-4 w/Seymour logo complete w/ bezel, etc.

*Black S/C Seymour logo neck pup w/ hardware (open to any suggestions).

*American body jack (black).

*Black string tree w/screws (Schaller?).

*Black wrench holder- complete.

*Black dome knobs (3), appropriate for 86 and up pointys.

If I missed anything please lmk. Paypal ready.



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