WTB/WTT L2 Floyd nut in black

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WTB/WTT L2 Floyd nut in black

Post by Dirty D » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:40 pm

Looking for a lefty nut for a lefty pointy scooped Imperial build I'm starting on with NOS parts. I think I have everything but the nut. I'll plan to post pics of the body itself here in a day or two, as I'm getting ready to drill for the Floyd post inserts and want you guys to check me to make sure everything looks copacetic before I put it under the drill press.

Anyway, I've got all sorts of stuff for potential trade, or I would be willing to just buy it. They are about 30 bucks new, so I figured I would try here first for a potential trade or something. I've got righty nuts in various sizes and colors for trade, and I've got several R1 nuts so would be willing to trade two R1s for one L2. Even if the retention blocks and/or bolts are missing, that would be alright. I already have an import lefty nut that will work, but prefer the real deal if anybody has one.
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