84 Kramer Pacer Imperial

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Re: 84 Kramer Pacer Imperial

Post by AAEA » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:07 pm

all of the charvels from 1979-81 were parts guitars and they are now the most saught after hunks of shit you ever saw.
1984 Kramer Pacer Imperial
1984 Kramer Floyd Rose (non tilt)
1984 Kramer Floyd Rose (maple nana)
1985 Kramer Vanguard (Nightmare Graphic)
1986 Kramer Stagemaster Custom
1986 Kramer Pacer Custom I
1987 Kramer Baretta
1987 Kramer E.E. Pro I
1987 Kramer E.E. Pro II
1987 Kramer Pacer Deluxe
1988 Kramer Sustainer
1988 Kramer Classic III
1989 Kramer Pacer Custom II 24 fret claw
2009 GKG Russian Roulette Custom

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